My mind is drawing creatures on the black tar roads at night
They are dancing, morphing before my eyes not afraid of the headlights
They’re telling me to close my eyes one second will not hurt
Forget about the girl asleep wrapped up in your sweatshirt
She’ll join us in the dreams of high beams
She’ll join us in the dreams of high beams
She’ll join us in the dreams of high beams
Just let your eyelids plummet

Spider crawling along the ceiling fan I turn it on and watch you scream out (ah)
How many of us have irrational fears?
Don’t mind arachnids but the fact is there are other critters lurking in my room
They consume me whispering:
"Join us we are anxiety
You can’t avoid us we are anxiety
We got your eyeballs flipping on a hyper speed rotisserie
A skewered pupil will plummet"

Organic chem flex my pen
Licensed from the age of ten
Phosphorus plates periodically poached when
Dysfunctional groups toiled with their youth
Accelerating to escape the 2602 zoo

Orange light adrenalin, I push the pedal in
Drop the clutch and take it up a notch we hit eleventy
Long sighted but i cannot see where the fuck I'm headed too
Cognitively conjuring the creatures I've been yielding too
Caught slamming on the brakes ironically saved by my Achilles’ heel
CD waving in my hand flashing just like Achilles’ steel
Weight of my mortality sends my mind unravelling
Disparity between the place I am and where I’m travelling
Nearly known as 6 feet underground for fumbling with his disks
Don’t wind up a motherfucker dead for fumbling with his d—


from Sleeping With the Fishes, released September 28, 2018


all rights reserved



Voidhood Canberra, Australia

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